Chitra Bharti Kathamala was a popular Indian comic book publication during the early 80s. It was the comic publication line of one of the India’s biggest publishers of Engineering and technical books – S.Chand and Company Ltd, New Delhi. They finally ended publishing comics in the late 80s.

Head Office

The head office of Chitra Bharti Kathamala was S.Chand and Company Ltd. Raamnagar, New Delhi, Pin 110055. The company still publishes educational books, and its head office remains the same. They, however, do not publish the comic series any more.

Frequency/ Language

The Chitra Bharti Kathamala enjoyed moderate success. The company used to publish one comic every fortnight making it a total of 24 issues in a year. The comics were published both in Hindi and English languages.

Characters and Themes

The following were the regular characters in the Chitra Bharti Kathamala Universe

  • Secret Agent 005 – Junior James Bond
  • Space Star
  • Private Detective Kapil
  • Manasputra
  • Chandru
  • Bhabhi Ji
  • Apart from these regular characters, themes ranged from fairy and knight tales, general, social andcomical stories to the biographies of historical personalities and details of historical monuments and events.

    Known issues of Chitra Bharti Kathamala

    001 Jay Bharat
    002 Chandrahaas
    003 Bahadurshah Jafar
    004 Dhruvtara
    005 Shaitaan ka Shadyantra
    006 Chauptanand
    007 Munshi Totaram ki Swargyatra
    008 Samudra ka Shaitaan
    009 Chittor ka Chiraag
    010 Hatyaa ka Jaal (Secret Agent 005 – Junior James Bond)
    011 Bolra Pedh
    012 Watan Ke Saudagar (Secret Agent 005 – Junior James Bond)
    013 Rahasyamaya Grah (Space Star)
    014 Kaali Billi
    015 Nawaab Latpat
    016 Jail Ki Hawaa (Secret Agent 005 – Junior James Bond)
    017 Dhurt Mantri
    018 Jaadugar Chakram
    019 Naag Kanya
    020 Jahreeley Baune (Space Star)
    021 Chaandi Ka Pahaad
    022 Swarg Ka Neta – Madaari Laal
    023 Mister Champat
    024 Uranium ke Chor (Space Star)
    025 Time Bomb (Secret Agent 005 – Junior James Bond)
    026 Veerdhwaj
    027 Qaatil Mere Peechhe (Secret Agent 005 – Junior James Bond)
    028 Begam Samaru
    030 Vinash Ke Putle (Space Star)
    034 International Killer (Secret Agent 005 – Junior James Bond)
    037 Nakli Goli Asli Maut (Private Detective Kapil)
    042 Anokha Chor – RamKishore (Secret Agent 005 – Junior James Bond)
    049 Mahamaya Ki Talwaar (Manasputra)
    074 Mahan Khiladi (Bhabhi Ji)
    076 Papa Kho Gaye

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