We got a lot of requests asking for uploading Raj Comics, sorry but apart from the Thriller Suspense Series we will not be uploading any other Raj Comics. Please support the last standing Indian comic publisher by buying hard copies of your favourite Raj Comics

Super Commando DhruvWhen we were growing up pocket money day was special, this was the day when we could buy our favorite comics and live the adventures of our super heroes. Hindi comics were fun and we enjoyed reading them. It’s sad to know that all the publication houses, excluding Raj Comics have closed down due to financial losses and lack of interest. With new mediums of entertainment, the newer generation never got an opportunity to experience the magic of reading Hindi comics. Foreign comics are still popular but Hindi comic publishers could not keep pace and died down.
Comicdex is an effort to archive those gems that we treasured growing up. We aim to build a quality Hindi comic archive that all you comics lovers can enjoy and share.
We recommend that you buy hard copies from the Official Raj Comics website. They have reprints of all the best titles which include the popular Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva and Doga comic titles.
We scavenge the Sunday markets for old comics and if you would like to contribute to this site please contact us if you can provide scans or if you would like to sell you old comics to us.
Watch out for updates, contest and more.


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    Thriller Suspense For other popular Raj Comics superheroes like Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Doga and more, please visit the Official Raj Comics website and support them by buying hard copies.

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